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Hi! Welcome to Page Design:) The first new look for your My Page is to pick out a profile picture if you have not already done so. To the top left corner is currently your avator profile pic. Click on the "change photo" option at the top and choose "Browse". Select a saved image on your computer then follow the prompts, crop etc then click Save. Go back to your My Page to see your new pic!


Privacy Setting: To make your page private to VK members only, or other options, please go to your "My page", click on "settings" in the right top box and click "privacy" and choose from the options, and then click "save".


To add a personal touch to your page find "Getting to Know Me" in the middle column. Click on "Edit". A new page will show. Scroll down to the small white box that says Profile Questions and then just say's "Hi". Add your content :) This includes typed words, an embed or a music embed, images (image codes, html) and then scroll down to the bottom right and click "Save". Go back to your page and you will see the changes you have made. You can do this as many times as you would like. Please note that we are only able to add one embed or widget in that box. Photos (via html codes) may be more than one.  This area is actually about introducing yourself and adding a few nice touches.  


Recent activity: Please feel free to close, shorten or delete the recent activity box or move it where you want it on your page.



Music Players and Videos: You can for example, use a You Tube embed code for videos and MikeKKR has a great example of a music player on his page. It even shows the video with each song :) Or perhaps a radio embed. This will go in the "Getting to know me" area that we discussed earlier. 



Here are the choices to create your page layout. (With all of these, you can change text colors module colors, link colors etc. Go to CUSTOMISE My Page which is found underneath your profile pic on the top left).

1.You can keep the VK Main Page Theme as your page background.

2.You can work from the VK Theme and make changes to the header and background picture by using the 'all options' choice option

3.You can select from the pre-made backgrounds that you will see when you click on Customize My Page, or for advanced users, you can add your own CSS code in the 'advanced' setting option.


But FIRST before we go further, here is our

 **Starting over if something goes wrong:** help tips:

First don't panic, it can be fixed :)

One thing is that you can always [Customize My Page'] apply VK Theme and start over. This will not effect your videos or photos or text content! Then repeat steps 1, 2 or 3.

Remember, if you find that you do not prefer working in the Advanced section at all, simply select one of the several pre-made backgrounds provided by clicking 'Customize My Page' located under your profile picture.

Remember: You are more important here than how your page looks :)  Just apply a VK or pre-made theme and contact us so we can try to help you get the look you are wanting for your 'My Page'. 


WORKING WITH CSS CODE IN 'ADVANCED': *strongly recommended only for members familiar with CSS coding .

Tip: After applying your own CSS code, always copy and save the CSS code that you are going to be using to your Word or Text program on your computer desktop for a quick retrieval if needed and before (and after) making  acceptable changes. (*If you choose to try this and are not familiar with using CSS codes, your page may not turn out right. If that happens, please go to the "Starting Over if something goes wrong" ( in the light blue) section of this page.


On VK,  you can design you own unique page. We hope the above info will be of help to you to have fun designing your own personalized page with which ever option you choose :)

Have fun creating and thanks so much for being "Nascar driven for Kasey Kahne!"

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Kasey's Instagram (click the word 'More...' to view his page there)


Forgot to send this out earlier. I like it because the car looks awesome and it feels like an old pic #nascarthrowback Have a great Labor Day

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