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At 2:18pm on February 7, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, You crack me up my friend, ha ha ha ha LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I know someone else that has those same eyes and he took just after her, ha ha ha ha. You may know her, ha ha ha. I hope that you are having a great weekend. Tell Lorie I said hi. Have a good one.


At 12:03pm on February 4, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, Thanks so much for reassuring me of that. I guess that I should have suspected that when Doris started that thread for me over there. Do you know that it had over 900 hits on it. I was so honored that so many people cared about me like that. I still do owe Kasey for giving me the place and the nerve to break my shell though. Someday I want to thank him for that one. I never want to go back to the way that I was before I started following him.

Well today I am feeling a bit under the weather. I think it is just my sinuses though as the weather keeps changing daily here. Today its only 12 outside right now. Then by the end of the week they are saying we could see temps in the mid 40`s. Fast weather changes like this really mess with my sinuses big time. Actually I have only glanced at the job search sights online as of yet. My first priority is to get some checks rolling in here first. Then I will take the next step to maybe finding something else. Plus I will also know more about what is going to happen at my work in about two weeks. They have two employees going on vacation at the same time that week. They are going to be short staffed big time. If they make it through that week and they do not call me back then I will know I better be looking for something else. If they can make it through that week they can make it through anything. So that will be the test as to how long I will be off from there and if I will ever get called back before the benifits run out. I still think that even if I get called back there that I should keep my feelers out for a new job. I think that it is time for me, and I am ready for a change. Getting laid off for the first time in my life was a huge wake up call. It made me realize that I am not really happy where I am working and in what I am doing. So even though this is going to be tough, that was the one positive here. I am the kind of guy that does not like to much change and also once I get settled in and get used to things I will not look on to new things. Well this has made me realize that I need to. Have a great day and thanks for checking in on me.


At 4:05pm on February 3, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, Do you really think they like me for me? Well Kasey and Tammy did let me shine like you said. They gave me the tools and the nerve to talk to people. What I mean is that I am a very shy guy, but when I talk about Kasey I am a chatter box, ha ha ha. Since I have joined that group that is spilling in to my real life now too. Even at my work they noticed ho much more outgoing I am now. So what Kasey and her did for me is give me the place to do it. Dave I have did a about face the past 2 and a half years since I joined KK. I will forever be grateful to both of them for changing me that much.

I know what you mean I could not fall asleep last night either. My mind was working to much, it happens to me all the time, ha ha ha. Have a great night my friend.


At 2:10pm on February 3, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, Yes it is very stressful and I am trying my very best to stay as positive as I can about this one. Talking to all of you sure helps, thats for sure. I cant tell you how much I owe Kasey and Tammy for all of that. I mean for meeting all of you. If it were not for them I would have never met all of you and that would make it far worse for me. What I mean I would have far less friends right now. I sure wish that I can thank Kasey and Tammy for that. I hope to someday be able to do that. This makes me like Kasey even more than I did before and Dave I did not think that I could get much worse with that, ha ha ha. That is one great guy that we follow there. I knew that the first time that I seen him back in 2004. I said not only is he going to be a great driver someday but he is also a awesome person as well. Boy was I right on that one because he is both.

You are right, I have so many of his fans checking in on me right now, and sending me well wishes its hard for me to be in a bad mood. I do need to dust myself off like you said and maybe move on. I was given no possible date on returning to my old job and I do not like that at all. I think after this paper work goes through with the state I need to begin searching even if they are planning on calling me back. If they do in the meantime that is fine, but something tells me not to wait on them just in case.

Actually I am a nervy kind of guy, ha ha ha. Why do you think I am not much bigger than Kasey, ha ha ha. I am doing much better than I thought through all of this and like I said you and all of Kaseys fans are helping me out with that.

I also hope that the state comes through fast with the money too. I will be OK though so dont worry about me. I had some rainy day money set aside so that will keep me going until the checks come in. I just hope that I will see one this month sometime. As for moving to another state, that would be a last resort. I only have a small family and I have those adorable 2 nephews and a niece. I would miss them so much if I had to leave them. That for me would be heartbreaking. So leaving here is a last ditch effort. I just started this process so I have some time left before I have to resort to that. Hopefully things will turn around a bit and that will not be a necessity. Have a great day, and thanks so much for your thoughts and for your concern for me. I will never and I mean never forget what all of you have done for me through this.


At 9:50pm on February 2, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, I hope that you are right and this is short lived. I am about ready to go crazy with all this sitting around. Yes I do have a litte fear of the unknown. I think that might be the worst part about all of this. You just do not know what the outcome might be. I am trying my best to keep my spirits up as you can see. The fan club members are really helping me out with that one. You are right even though I would love to have a girl, and a family right now at least I do not and I am going through this alone. If I had a wife and kids in the mix, that would make this a whole lot worse. All I have to do is worry about myself right now. I know that you are frustrated that there is no way that you can help me out. Just being a friend is a huge help to me. Also you are fine giving me pointers, its OK really.

No I am not ready to give up just yet. You have never met me but I am a very loyal person at work and to my friends. At work or in anything I do I give it my all. I know this was not all my employers fualt but that is why I am so down right now. I felt like I gave them my all and it still landed me in the street. Thanks for all that you said to me there at the end of your note. That really meant a lot to me. Have a great day.

At 1:37pm on February 1, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, Yes that is a cool pic isn`t it? That is David`s favorite girl Julianne from Dancing With The Stars, ha ha ha. She is a little hottie, thats for sure.

Yes I am trying to be in as positive about this as I can. That is all that I can do right now. Boy all those well wishes over at Klub Kahne sure helped though. I will never forget all the support they have given me. Kasey has some great people following, thats for sure. I owe him and Tammy a great big thank you as well.

That was a nice gesture that they offered to pay my dues. It was not Court that came up the idea though it was some kid named Troy. I told all of them not to worry about it for two reasons. First it is not really fair to those who are also suffering through though times as well. I know that I am not the only one in that group right now. Then I have until April to worry about renewing and I hope by then things will change. In my mind I want to believe that, and I praying for that. It was a nice gesture on everyones part though. Like I said here that is a great group that Kasey has there.

I just checked on my claim with the state and it is still not fully processed yet. They must be really backed up here. The unemployment in my county is 10.1% so I guess that might be why they are slow. The sad thing is that I cant even look for another job until I am sure that I get my claim filed. I dont want to mess anything up with that until the checks are coming in. I bet its going to be a month before I see a check though. Oh well right now there is nothing that I can do about it. Have a great day.


At 5:01pm on January 31, 2009, UNCWGirl said…
Hey Dave,
just wanted to ask if Lorie was doing better. I sure hope so! :) I hope you are doing good too.

Have a good weekend! :)
At 1:41pm on January 31, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, I hope that all is going well for you and Lorie. I also hope the she is feeling better. I am doing fine but I am bored to death, ha ha ha ha. I told Doris I feel like I am sitting here waiting to die, ha ha ha. Lets hope not huh. The state sent me all kinds of papers about my beinfits today, so the ball must be rolling with all of that. I sure hope that this does not last to long for me.

I did not know if you knew this or not so I am going to tell you. I was watching Nightline the other night and they did a story about the upcoming Superbowl commercials. They gave a preview of a few of them that will air. One of them is for GoDaddy.com and it has your girl Danica in it. Dave when I seen what she is going to do in that spot I almost lost it, ha ha ha. She does a scene in the shower, ha ha ha ha. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you do not miss it, ha ha ha. Have a great day my friend.

At 6:20pm on January 29, 2009, Denise 5 said…
My husbands parents. I wish there was edit on here

At 6:19pm on January 29, 2009, Denise 5 said…
Hi Dave, I am really glad I gave you that shake idea. I hope it will put some pounds on her. I will be thinking about her.
Well back to work tomarrow. It's ok 3 days in the house is enough. I have read 3 books and in the middle of my forth.
And of coarse cleaning house and doing laundry. My husbands power just came on a bit ago. They we're real happy to beable to go home. Which I don't blame them.
The weather guys are saying we are suppose to get another bad snow storm Monday into Tuesday. I just hope the electric company can get the power on for all these people. Last I heard 183,000 homes with no power in the Louisville area.
Yes David and I have discussed buying a generator this summer. We are going to get one. After the wind storm 4 mo's ago and now this we would be stupid not to get one. So yes we are going to invest in one.
Dave have a great weekend tell Lorie to keep drinking her shakes.
All take care.

At 8:25am on January 29, 2009, Denise 5 said…
Hey Dave, How is Lorie doing? I hope good.
Still have the winter wonder land out side. Everything is frozen.
We lost power for about 2 hours last night while they fixed a wire down that was down the street. (My husband) David's parents stayed with us last night. They have no power at there house. They still don't this morning. They went to check things out at there house a bit ago. I hope they come back. They are very stubburn. Those senior's......
Have a good day....
TTYS !!!!

At 2:35pm on January 28, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave I am going to do my best to find or do anything that I can. I know your not a wish you the best kind of guy and that you like to give pointers and offer any help. Well I will take all that I can get right now.

Thanks for reading what I wrote over at KK. I know it was long, probably the longest post in the history of KK, ha ha ha but it was just something that I had to say. I have been wanting to say a lot of that for a very long time. You know the last part about the fan club and Kasey. I hope that everyone got the message. Have a great day.

At 10:48am on January 28, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, Yes justice has been served ha ha ha. He is very out of shape too, ha ha ha. Not like I am in shape though either. I am built very much like Kasey, ask those who have met me. But I am in better shape than him, ha ha ha. It will do him some good to shovel away, ha ha ha.

Dave I am trying to be as positve as I can here. My friends from KK like you are sure helping with that. I spent half the day on Monday writing what turned in to a very lengthy letter to everyone over on that thread that Doris started for me over there. Go read it if you get time.

Hey maybe working at a fast food for a while would be cool. Just think of all the young girls that frequent those places, ha ha ha ha. I could wear one of my many Kasey fire suit coats, ha ha ha. That would impress them, ha ha ha. Plus I could tell them I met Kasey 4 times and I actually spoke to him, which I have, ha ha ha ha. Have a great day my friend.

At 9:36am on January 28, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, I may have to resort to doing something like that in the end. Not just to make some money but also to keep my sanity like you said. Well we got hit with a big snow storm last night. The lord must have been looking down on me and answered my prayers. You see its a long story but my bosses son is kind of a jerk and he does not like to work and he does not like me either. Well his dad owns the company so I guess that he can get away with it. Well it used to be my job to keep all the walks clean of snow at the store and warehouse at our very big complex. My boss told me when I left on friday, that now that they are on a skeleton crew he told his son he better be keeping those walks clean for the customers if it snows. That is something that he has never done since I worked there. Even when it was really bad and we got a lot of snow and he did not have much to do he never offered to even give me a hand. So on my last day when my boss told me that I said a little prayer, god just give me one last huge snow fall. Well guess what? we got hammered last night big time, ha ha ha. I hope the bosses son has a good time cleaning those walks all morning, ha ha ha. I really owe the lord one for this. one. I guess people are right, the lord does work in mysterious ways. Now I just have to pray to go back to work or to get a new job soon. Have a great day.


kasey at pocono
At 8:52am on January 28, 2009, Denise 5 said…
Hi Dave, Another Ice-Snow day off work. The ice got bad last night. Tree's down everywhere. I have been up since 2:30 am transformers blowing and trees falling. It sounds like a war zone out there. I finally got out of the bed at 5. I thought I would take a shower before the electric went out. And it did at 7am. It was only out for an hour. Now it is snowing like crazy.

The front of my house >>>>>>>>

How is Lorie doing? I bet she is loving those shakes. Last night I had a big piece of chocolate cak with ice cream and hot fudge. It was so good Mmm.....
Have a good day.
At 5:40pm on January 27, 2009, MikeKKR said…
Dave, I hope that Lorie is feeling better. I was thinking of her today. I am doing Ok just bored to death. Its like am sitting here waiting to die, ha ha ha ha. I do not know how much more of this I can take. I might have to take a job at McDonalds just to keep my brain working, ha ha ha ha. Well I have to run and try to eat, ha ha ha. Have a great night.

At 7:00am on January 27, 2009, Denise 5 said…
I just read your comment about Milk shakes. They are the best.
Alot of fattening stuff in them.
At 6:55am on January 27, 2009, Denise 5 said…
Good Mornin Dave, Well we are at 3 inches of snow and Ice so far. I don't mind the snow it's the ice I get concerned about. My daughter and I get a snow day today. I am glad I don't have to drive in this stuff. I only have to go 2 miles to work but it's back roads to the Country Club.

Did you get to see Kasey last night? He was nervous as usual. He is ready to go racin and get all that stuff at RPM behind him. It's wierd putting RPM instead of GEM. I can't wait until we get to NC in Oct. I want to see if they made any changes at the Shop there at RPM. I hope they didn't bring the R. Petty huge bobble head there.
I hear Chris is off to Germany. I would love to go someday. My mom's brother and sister are still there in Shwartzenfeld.
I am hoping in 3 years to go, thats my goal. My daughter will be 16 by then. She will appreciate more.
Dave you and Lorie have a good day
TTYS !!!!
At 1:26pm on January 25, 2009, Denise 5 said…
Hi Dave, Glad to hear she is doing better. Ya I am a small one myself. A buck twenty is about it. Pasta, Pasta, Pasta and Bread. I have heard that is good stuff for us skinny girls to keep that weight on. Oh and a large chocolate shake wouldn't hurt either. That's for the calcium we need for the bones and the chocolate heck what woman doesn't love chocolate.
I am just glad to hear she is doing better. Tell her eat until her hearts content, I do :)

The Rolex is almost over, I just want my Nascar :)
Have a great week Dave and Lorie too :)
At 9:00pm on January 24, 2009, Denise 5 said…
Hi Dave, How is Lorie doing? I hope she is doing well. Tell her there are alot of us thinking about her. We want her to get better soon.

Are you ready for Daytona? I know I am. I can not wait until they say Gentle man start your engines. David (My husband) and I
went to Daytona once. We had a blast. My aunt lives close to there so we got to stay with her. It was great.
Have a good rest of the weekend....

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